Attention is the key to so many things related to daily live, touching almost every aspect of it. Attention is used by crossing a street, it is also needed in a relationship, as it is more satisfying when partners pay attention to each other. Also in business affairs, attention is essential.

It seems self-evident, however what is less known, is that attention has direct biological results. For example, it is at the source of the famous placebo effect, which is nothing else than the activation of the body self-healing capacity, through positive psychological or psychosomatic factors. And it is also the source of the nocebo effect, which is the opposite, a detrimental effect on health produced by negative thinking. Both come from attention, used in different ways.

More generally, sciences showed that attention shapes the brain. The neurons wire in response to what the person is focus upon. Literally, the brain tissue is built according to what one pays attention to.

For us, the art of paying attention is the key of a successful process, this is what will allow the client to make a jump in its personal life. If deep touches and trigger points are used to provoke energy release related to stored trauma and tension (provoking impressive body effects), still the very core of this work, is about what the client is doing actively with its body attention when this is happening. It is an additional and essential step to actively « accept » the awakened energy and so to stop the trauma to have an influence on one’s life.

This last step is a learning, on how to use and to master one’s attention, and this will open doors to a better life. This the part where the client get empowered, learn to be confident and to take control of its life control.

This is the part where the client get empowered, learn to be confident and to take control of its life control.

To conclude, it is how attention will be used that will lead to the road to hell or heaven, in a subtle game, between body and mind. And it is possible to learn to be better at that game, to train. By doing so, the brain begins to rewire, and client gains in resilience.

Attention is the key for more vitality in life. Education, trauma, frustration created limitation and apathie. Attention through body awareness, can be educated to recognize it and transform it.

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As practitioner, I help people to reconnect with their fundamentals. My work is physical, emotional and spiritual. Seeing life flooding a human body again, is one of the biggest joys I experience.