Everyone knows what pain and suffering is. No money, no family, no love, no spiritual works, no religion will allow being successful in avoiding those unpleasant encounters. Whatever Your life situation is, at a given moment, You will encounter those true companions: pain and suffering. As sure as the stone will go down if you open you hand, and let it fall. It is bullet proof.

Physical pain and suffering are the organic way the system pointing out that something is wrong. For example if a part of one’s self can’t be expressed, is repressed, it will be felt through an uncomfortable feeling in the body mind system. You keep this repressed attitude for a long time, and you will encounter pain or suffering in a form or another. It can also be the wrong use of the body, like a wrong posture, the result of an old accident which creates the uncomfort… 

Reasons can be many, pain or suffering of any kind (anger, jalousie, shame, grief, body aches and pains…) is pointing towards something which need to be questioned. Mostly triggered by a change in the surrounding, it might find a quick end by itself, in the good case, or not and then it become chronic, taking the form of depression, anxiety, lowered immunity, heart problem, digestive issues, body pains and aches, … Pain and suffering staying for weeks or months is a lead that something wrong, what the system mind-body is too slow to correct by itself.

The body requests change, it might be a physical, emotional or spiritual one, and it is not happening or too slowly.

New behavior strategies need to be developed, to replace the old ones which are not working and creating those pains. It is about coming out of old way to handle by creating new ones. This are the core reason of pain and suffering. The-way-it-is is not good anymore and change are required by the organic system (or soul maybe).  Of course, those mechanisms can be put on the sleep modus with medication, but they will stay present, in a dormant and manipulative way. And they will find a way to manifest again, generally in a deeper and more dramatic way.

Those old patterns which are not able to change are mostly related to trauma and to the freeze response to it (from the freeze or fight response to fear). It has just become visible and clear, what was underground, till pain appeared. Pain and suffering are the main door to learn about oneself and to mature. This is the very mechanism of it, it is a request from the organic level. Sometimes the process gets stuck, generally due to fear, then it becomes chronic and one can be helped.

Pain and suffering are the main door to learn about oneself and to mature.

A Somatic process addresses this very question. Pain and suffering are the best reason to start a process. The body tries to remove or heal something, but if it becomes chronic, it has to deal with freezing patterns, traumatic memories, limiting believe and with fear. It needs You in the boat to provoke this small (r)evolution. 

Here You can learn, how to deal with pain and suffering. It is a learning with and through the body, that everyone can develop and gain for its all life.