Born to be wild

« Rewilding » is part of the possibilities of the SomaticProcess and is specially dedicated for those who lost or look for intensity in their life. It is designed to lead them to meet deep and mostly unknown part of themselves by releasing primitive energy in the body. It involves a combination of trigger points and deep, oft painful, touch to wake up normally dormant energies and to invite the client, for a short period of time, to come out of its usual civilizate state, to become something more raw and vital, like a wild animal.

This released energy will directly triggers numbers of processes in the body, physical and emotional, including disencumbering you from old episodes of biography which were stopping you from being fully engaged in life. It is not unusual that client goes through extraordinary perceptions of themselves.

Those sessions are proffering a strong purification for the system mind/body, pulling out the psychosomatic source of the chronic pain and providing a genuine feeling of aliveness. It helps to break out of light to moderate depression, to channel anger, and act positively in many mood related sickness.

The session is, as all the work of SomaticProcess, dialogue-based between the practitioner and the client, the client can at anytime regulate the pace and intensity of the session. The intensity a body accept is very different for each person, and generally increases over sessions as tension get less.

Pain is tension and tension is pain

If you are interested or curious, take contact with me, and look if there are some discount available.

As practitioner, I help people to reconnect with their fundamentals. My work is physical, emotional and spiritual. Seeing life flooding a human body again, is one of the biggest joys I experience.