The nature of the relationship that the practitioner will try to establish is different to other classical therapies where therapists might encourage the client to be dependent on the therapist, as part of the treatment process. The client can then easily come to see the therapist as all-knowing and all-powerful. The relationship is different here.

This work favors a more equal relationship that is, perhaps, more business-like, being problem-focused and practical. The practitioner will frequently ask the client for feedback, for their views and feelings about what is going on during the session and between two sessions. Here the client works, learn how « to do nothing », to allow the body to find its act by itself, this with the help of the practitioner touch and coaching. Both are working together to help the client to relearn to connect to its base.

The Life will flow back when the client will stop to resist to life processes and find its personal way to surf with it. The client learn surfing on the body.