The aim of my work  is to coach my clients to develop and improve their physical awareness and body control. The main emphasis in this practice is on physical experience rather than on theoretical understanding.

The first session starts with a sort of  intake, in which we talk about your reasons for coming,  about your history and situation. The idea is to get a as clear as possible picture of what you want to change. This will give the direction of the session and the process.

In the beginning we will work mostly in a laying position on a massage table.  Ideally you are in your underwear or – in case of initial uneasiness – wearing comfortable, loose clothing.

Through touch, breath work and with your active participation, you will train your body attention. Part of that learning process includes working with your “physical memory” – the way your body experienced and remembers certain situations in your own history, and the patterns and conclusions you developed from them.

Fear and Pain – both physical and emotional – are usually common subjects addressed in a process. We usually build up strategy to deal with them, including avoiding, resisting, ignoring, and letting yourself being limited by them. Those limitations translate in tension, contraction or numbness in the body, and working on the physical level as on the believes you are holding on, will help you to relax deeply and to reconnect to a more natural state, with more body awareness.

With it, you will experience and learn to control new sensations and states on all levels – physically, emotionally, your way of thinking and perceiving. This will enables you to initiated the desired changes, session after session.

A session is lasting 60 to 90min and costs 80 euros.

Student reductions may be possible (15 euro discount)

I also offer series of 5 sessions for the price of 360€. To be consumed within 8 weeks (can be extended if you plan to go in holiday during this time).

Sessions are possible in English, German, French


Quentin de Robillard

Prießnietzerstr. 14, 01099 Dresden

Praxis Weisse Birke

+49 (0) 170 38 21 722 (Whatsapp and Telegram possible)

This work is not intended for persons with conditions which are considered to be life-threatening, nor for persons suffering from severe illnesses or conditions which call for medical or psychiatric treatment.

This work does not substitute any type of treatment a person might be needing. This Method has no ideological or mystical basis and does not require any specific lifestyle.